Black Dragon Figurine Perched on Skull with Dragon’s Eye


The trifecta: an awesome black dragon figurine, the bloodshot dragon’s eye, and an all black skull.

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A threatening looking black dragon is perched on top of a dragon’s eye. If this isn’t scary enough, both rest on an all black skull. Which is more fearsome? This is not a figurine for the faint at heart.

Yet to some, dragons are considered omens of luck and good fortune. Along with the dragon’s eye, which is a considered an amulet of protection, and the skull which many tribes used to ward enemies off, this figurine can have a protective and positive spin.

This figurine is cast individually achieving excellent detail and then carefully hand painted.

 We have evidence of tribes that used skulls for keeping enemies out of their own territory.

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  • 10  ” High
  • Hand Painted Durable Resin


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