Swords and Katanas For Collectors and Enthusiasts

Black & Silver Fantasy Short Sword With Cord Wrapped Handle & Sheath – Fantasy Master FMT-055BK
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Check out this bad ass, full tang short sword, featuring a cord wrapped handle and blood-letting cutouts. Great for any fantasy sword or cos play enthusiast.

Black Spartan Sword With Leather Wrapped Handle – SW-1020
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This is Sparta! Well not quite, but this wonderfully crafted black spartan sword is a must have for any collection. This full tang, one handed sword is made from 420 stainless steel and features a leather wrapped handle and nylon sheath.

Double Edged Demonic Fantasy Sword With Cord Wrapped Handle – Fantasy Master FM-672
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This full tang, double edged demonic fantasy sword is not only mean looking & comfortable to handle but is an excellent addition to any sword collection!

Katana with Dragon on Scrimshaw Grip
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Dragons are fierce-some creatures, and you will feel their power every time you grip the handle of this awesome dragon katana.

Samurai Set with 2 All Black Swords and Sheath
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An all black Samurai double swords set and sheath are a fantasy sword collector's dream.

Short Sword Black and Silver in Gift Box
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Medieval black and silver short sword is a good replica.

Sword Short with Points and Red Handle
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This is a flashy Master Fantasy short short, a must for any collector.

Zombie Hunter Katana With Biohazard Emblems – ZB-026
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This killer zombie hunter katana is a hit with zombie survival pro’s and sword collectors alike. This zombie sword features green blood splatter on the blade, cord wrapped handle and biohazard tsuba. Keep it close with the green cord sageo that will keep the scabbard attached during any run in with the undead.

Swords are characterized by a long sharp blade that is fitted into a handle with a guard. The big difference between a sword and a katana is the blade. A katana’s blade has only one sharp edge while a sword often has a doubled sided blade.
Swords have been the preeminent hand weapon through a long period of history. From the ancient tales of King Arthur and Sir Galahad from medieval times to cavalry soldiers and pirates, swords were their most trusted weapons. Sword blades are longer than a knife or dagger, and can be straight or curved.
Katanas originated in Japan. They were used as the weapon of choice by Samurai warriors.It is characterized by a curved blade that has a circular or squared guard and long grip. The grip is long to accommodate two hands.
The Japenese consider the creation of a Katana as much as a work of art as a weapon.
Most Westerners first learned about Katanas from Japenese movies but now many enjoy owning and collecting them.