Green and Gold Tone Dragon with Crystal and LED


This sparkly green dragon is perched on a rocky cliff, hovering over a village. The base of the figurines is decorated with Celtic symbols and has LED lights to illuminate the hanging crystal.

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Perched on a out cropping and over looking the settlement below, the very sparkly green dragon is surveying the scene. His collar has a matching green gem. There is a multi-pointed crystal is hanging from his mouth. This piece has an LED feature, and when turned on, the crystal displays multi colors. His tail encircles the dwellings and also wraps around part of the base, which is decorated with Celtic symbols.


Each figurine is cast individually achieving excellent detail and then carefully hand painted. The vibrant colors make this an eye catching piece.

Additional Details

  • 9 ” High
  • Hand Painted Durable Resin
  • LED requires 2 AA batteries



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