A Few Nice Goth Items. Gothic and Ghoulish

Angel of Death Embracing a Woman Figurine
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The angel of death is smiling at a young woman. Will she be taken in by him?

Skull Trinket Box with Red Jeweled Eyes
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A trinket box in the shape of a skeleton's head. Its bright red eyes are staring out at you.

Sugar Skull Mug with Floral Designs on Back & Handle
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Sugar skull mug brightly colored to lift your "spirits".

Since the middle ages, Goth has never been as popular as it is now.
Gothic describes something that is mysterious, horrific, and most importantly has a deathly aura. The figurines that depict the couples have that macabre aura about them. Yet there is still love and romance in death. So love is eternal.

Sugar skulls represent departed souls. They're created in bright colors which gives death a certain “sweetness.” Sugar skulls challenge the idea that death is frightening, macabre and to be avoided.