Sugar Skull Mug with Floral Designs on Back & Handle


Sugar skull mug brightly colored to lift your “spirits”.

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The Day of the Dead is a Mexican religious holiday that has grown in popularity over the years. One of its popular icons, the sugar skull, has become a favorite design used in everything from wall art to dinnerware. The tattoo community, in particular, has welcomed the sugar skull into its culture. This mug has a vibrant purple smiling skull. You know this is a happy spirit because the remainder of the mug is decorated with vines and matching flowers. Even the handle of the mug has this gay look. The cup has a stainless steel liner which makes it reusable and helps keep your brew warm. It is crafted from a durable resin and is hand washable only.



Additional Details

  • 4 3/8” Tall
  • Hand Painted Durable Resin
  • Stainless Steel Lining
  • Hand Washable Only


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