Angel of Death Embracing a Woman Figurine


The angel of death is smiling at a young woman. Will she be taken in by him?

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The angel of death, holding a red rose in his hand, is trying to lure the woman into his clutches. If she is seduced by him, she will no longer be an occupant of the land of the living. She had better watch her step, because there is no turning back. The faces on this figurine are so well detailed. The death angel is smiling lovingly at his soon to be victim. The woman, on the other hand, stares innocently into the large gaping holes where the eye should be. This is Goth at its best. The artist has spent a lot of time on other aspects. The wings, skeletal hands and the flowing gown on the angel are very detailed. The piece measures 10.25″ tall and 5.5″ wide.


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