Vegan Leather Wallet Eagle on American Flag

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The U.S. symbol, a Bald Eagle, against American flag Vegan Leather Wallett

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This bold rendering of our national symbol, the bald eagle, is emblazoned on the stars & stripes. Both sides of the bi-fold have the eagle image. Hand crafted, this wallet has the feel and look of fine leather & makes a strong statement. Long lasting for years of use. Just the right size for a man, thin yet lots of space for cards, cash and IDs/Show pride in America and care for Animals.The wallet is packaged in an attractive picture box so it can make a really nice gift

Product Features


  • Vegan Leather Eagle
  • 2 ID windows
  • Top Flap
  • 7 Credit card slots
  • 2 Side pockets


Stretchable Ink! As the wallet ages and expands slightly (as does animal hide) a special process used on the images stretches with the material and stays bright longer


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