Labrador Retriever – My Best Friend Is My Dog Decal


Express your puppy love with a My Best Friend Is My Labrador vinyl decal. These stickers are must have decor for cars, windows, lockers and more!

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  • Choose Which Shape You Would Prefer, Heart Or Circle, For Your Vinyl Decal.


Dogs have been Man’s best friend for ages, standing by us through thick and thin. If a Lab is your best friend, then this vinyl decal is perfect for you! These adorable Labrador Retriever themed car stickers are a great way of sharing your friendship or just to put a smile on your face every day! Choose from two style options, a heart or circle design, so you can best express the appreciation of your lifelong companion.

My Best Friend Is My Labrador dog decals are excellent decorations for your car window, laptop, cell phone, tablet or hard non-porous surfaces such as steel, aluminum or painted walls.

Additional Details:

  • Color: White.
  • Average Heart Dimensions: 6 x 6.25 inches.
  • Average Circle Dimensions: 5.75 x 5.75.
  • Decal Lifespan: 4-6 Years Outside In The Weather.
  • Weather Resistant: Yes.
  • UV Resistant: Yes.
  • Suitable Surfaces: Car Windows, Glass, Walls, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, Smooth Metal Surfaces Such as lockers etc.
  • Application: Removable clear transfer tape.
  • Removable: Generally safe to remove from glass or metal surfaces. May chip painted walls.
  • Theme: Animal Decals, Labrador Retriever Dog Decals.

Application instructions:

Before applying your Lab decal, make sure you do not use cleaners such as Armor All that will leave residue, polish or wax behind. This will prevent your decal from sticking to the surface.

  • Clean the window or surface to which you are applying the decal.
  • Carefully peel the clear transfer tape from the sticker backing, removing the decal with it.
  • Apply the decal to the surface, starting from the center, working your way out to the edges.
  • Using a credit card or something similar, lightly sweep the card over the decal to remove any air bubbles.
  • Carefully peel the clear transfer tape back from the surface leaving the decal attached to the surface.
  • Carefully use the card again to smooth out any vinyl that may peel up while removing the transfer tape. Be careful not to scrape any of the decal off.


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