Acrylic Brass Plate or Name Tag From


Acrylic Brass Plate for Engraving.

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Create your own size acrylic brass plate.  Durable and good for inside or out.  Will come with very strong double back tape.  We can also make holes for screws if you wish ?  Acrylic is 1/16th of an inch thick.   We laser engrave them so the text comes out bold and black.  Please use our custom button and templates to design and scale the perfect plate for you.  We have four plate ratios from which to choose.   Pick 5″ to 1″ for a wide and narrow plate.  Scale down to 2″ to 1″  if you need a more square plate.  Plates can be up to 12″ wide.  ( If you need something larger please contact us directly. ) The custom design templates will keep your plate scaled proportionally.   In other words if you pick 4″ to 1″ and want double the size you will get a finished product of 8″ to 2″ once you stretch it.


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