Scorpion Glow in the Dark Bottle Opener


People will bug you to see this bottle opener that has a scorpion and glows in the dark.

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Is this scary or what? This bottle opener glows in the dark and has a once live black scorpion embedded in acrylic.  So even if the lights are turned down low, you will be able to find it.

A little about scorpions – Scorpions are characterized by a curved segmented tail. The tip of this tail has a venomous stinger. At the front end , there are a pair of pincers. Scorpions are most common in deserts, but they also occupy other habitats. They are mostly nocturnal. Scorpions often assume an evil role in stories. Yet, the Greeks named one of the signs of the zodiac, Scorpius, after them.

Size:   1.6″  x  3.75″ x  .75″


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