Rainbow Spring Assisted Pocket Knife


A spring assisted  rainbow colored pocket knife that is easy to carry and a great tool.

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Having a pocket knife with a plain edge is a better knife for performing push cuts. The single sharp edge allows you to have better control, more accuracy and cleaner cuts. It is significantly easier to sharpen the blade. One major downside of a single plain edged blade is its inability to saw and perform pull cuts. But, it is a good knife for things like shaving and skinning animals.

This is a shiny rainbow colored folding pocket knife. It is spring assisted for easy opening. The blade is 3.5″, and when closed it measures 4.5″.  Both the blade and handle are made of coated stainless steel. It is ultra light, ultra sharp, and durable. There are some cool circular depressions on the handle. A pocket clip is on the back. What a nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, and adventure.





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