Stainless Steel Hoop with Captive Bead


A wide selection of stainless steel captive hoops with beads in various gauges and diameters.

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A large assortment of captive hoops that are all surgical steel. They are the perfect piece of body jewelry for initial piercings. A captive bead fits into a small opening in the ring/hoop. The bead has a small indentation on either side. When placed between the two ends of the hoop, the natural tension of the ring holds the bead tightly in place. Captive hoops are versatile and can be worn in all types of piercings

The following gauges and diameters are available. They ranger in size from the smallest gauge to the largest.

18 Gauge 5/16″ diameter

16 Gauge 3/8″ diameter

16 Gauge 5/16″ diameter (somewhat smaller than the one above)

14 Gauge  3/8″ diameter

12 Gauge 1/2″ diameter








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