Small Heart with Hinged Closure 2 Colors

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A petite heart shaped hoop with a hinged closure in either stainless or rose gold.

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This is a smaller version of the heart shaped hinged hoop. It is available in both stainless and rose gold.

Your heart will always be in the right place when you wear this heart shaped hoop. This is a 16 gauge heart shape hinged hoop. The diameter is 5/16″.  It is made from surgical steel. The rose gold version is stainless plated with rose gold. This piece of body jewelry can be worn in lobe, cartilage, septum & daith piercings.

The hinged segment  offers an easy-to-use design with a minimal seam for an aesthetic that’s similar to a segment ring without the stress of dealing with a segment that can get lost. You know it is closed because it snaps into place with a satisfying click.


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