Full Color Wolf Head Vegan Leather Wallet


Wolf Wallet Made From Handcrafted Vegan Leather

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Lupine lovers, aka Wolf fans should enjoy having this Vegan Wallet in their hip pockets. It’s thin, so comfortable to carry and yet it holds plenty of his important stuff. Buy it for yourself or for someone who values the outdoors

Here is some interesting information about wolves from Defenders.org an organization committed to the protection of wildlife and plants in their native habitats.

Wolves play an essential role in keeping ecosystems healthy. Wolves are natural wildlife managers. They keep deer and elk populations in balance and that benefits other plant and animal species.

Made with select materials and quality fittings. Each piece is individually designed and constructed to high standards to ensure your wallet will last for many years . No animal was harmed in its creation. Vegan leather has the look and feel of natural leather

Wallets are thin to avoid back pocket bulge yet they hold lots of credit cards and have an ID flap

All our vegan wallets are handsomely boxed for easy gift giving. LEVL564

Product Features 

  • Top Flap Bi-fold design
  • 2 ID windows
  • 7 credit card slots
  • 2 side pockets
  • Money compartments
  • Matching Gift Box
  • Stretchable Ink! As the wallet ages and expands slightly (as does animal hide) a special process used on the images stretches with the material and stays bright longer


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