Eagle Soaring Full Wing Span Wood-like Carving


Soaring eagle with wings totally spread wood-like carving.

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There is nothing as beautiful as the sight of an eagle in flight. With the aid of the wind, as well as updrafts coming off hills and mountains, an eagle can gain altitude. It can reach heights up to 10,000 feet while soaring. Long glides, enable them to cover a lot of ground. Then they dive and soar up again, and repeat the process. This repetition sets them up for a long soaring flight to another location. What a wonderful way to view the world below. Artisan resin has been used to help give this figurine a lot of exquisite detailing in the wings, body, and tail. The hand painting is delicately done to create the appearance of wood. It is 12.5″ tall and 7.5″ wide.




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