Bouvier Des Flandres Pewter Dog Keychain


Pewter Bouvier Des Flandres USA Made Keychain

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The Bouvier Des Flandres  is an obedient dog with a pleasant nature. They look intimidating, but are actually calm and gentle. They are enthusiastic, responsible, even-tempered, and fearless, and are excellent guard and watchdogs that are easy to train.

American made pewter keychain with I Heart My Bouvier Des Flandres engraved on the back. The heart is a red heart. Keychain comes with chain and ring.

They don’t build ’em like this anymore. Burly and barrel-chested, the tousle-coated dog of Flanders is from a time and place where a dog had to work like … well, a dog. These smart and steady all-purpose workers make excellent watchdogs.


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