Beagle Pewter Head Key Chain


A beagle is a heart winner. Now you can carry an image of your best friend around with you even in places he/she couldn’t go.

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Beagles are an easygoing dog who enjoy company whether it be human or as part of a pack. It is an excellent hunting dog as well as a loyal companion. These happy go lucky dogs are easy to love. Just  look at that cute face with its big eyes, long ears, and a pleading expression, and you’re hooked. Beagles make wonderful family dogs.  They are always ready for some good playtime. 

This beautifully detailed American made pewter key chain has I Heart My Beagle engraved on the back along with a red heart.  The Key chain comes with chain and ring. This is the perfect gift for Beagle lovers, boxed and ready to give.



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